iMediwrite Services

iMediwrite 는  의과학 전문에디터가 직접 운영하는 에디팅 업체로써 다음과 같은 서비스를 제공합니다.  

1. Editing, rewriting and writing/translation (Korean-English) of the following types of work:

  • Original research manuscripts (Regular Papers)
  • Letters/responses to journal editors 
  • Case reports & Book Reviews
  • General business letters
  • Write-ups, translation and editing for patent application processes
  • Customized writing service to meet all individual needs.

2. English Assistance for Conference Call/Meetings

  • Provide English interpretation/translation during important conference calls or meetings with your international clients.

3. Enhance your Speech Skills for PPT Presentations/Conference Presentation

  • Preparing PPT material in English
  • English Practice for Podium Presentation 
  • English Practice for Poster Presentation