[Materials & Methods] Oral Presentation(1)

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1.Oral Presentation에 있어서 실험재료와 방법(Materials & Methods)에 관한 표현

*실험방법을 선택하게 된 동기나 목적을 말 하고자 할 때,

I chose to use HPLC in order to determine the purity of each conjugates for the cell experiment.

I used MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry to confirm the peaks that appeared in the FPLC chromatogram.

*실험과정을 설명할 때

각 각의 peak가 나타내는 물질의 MW를 그 물질들의 calculated molecular weight를 이용하여 구하였다

=>I determined the molecular weight of materials represented by each peak by comparing them to their calculated molecular weight.

분자량을 알기 위해 GPC를 찍어 보았다.

-àI used GPC in order to find out the MW of …

From the GPC study, it was found that…

The results of GPC revealed that…

2주동안 1,2,4,8의 사슬을 갖는 스타형 poly(l-lactitide)를 주합하였다.

-For the past two weeks, I synthesized 4 different star-shaped PLLAs which have 1,2,4 and 8 arms, respectively.

실험에 의해 얻어진 solid를 socnication 시키면 nanoparticle을 얻을 수 있었다.

-Nanoparticles of PEG-DOCA conjugate were prepared by ultra sonication.

하지만, 30일 정도 경과 후에 같은 조건으로 sonication을 시키면 nanoparticle이 얻어지지 않았다.

-àHowever, I could not get the nanoparticles from the same sample using the same method when the PEG-DOCA conjugates were left to stand at room temperature for 30 days.

반응도중 일어나는 gelation의 변성에 의한 결과로 생각되어 반응 중 일어나는 문제점을 생각해 보려고 한다.

-This could be due to denaturation of gelatin that might have occurred during the reaction; I believe there were several problems associated with the reaction, and I would like to consider these problems with you today.

5시간동안 건조후, 건조된 젤을 60마크로 미터 두께의 여러 단편들로 자른 후, 그 단면을 SEM을 통하여 관찰하였다.

-The mixture was vacuum dried for 5 hours, after which the dried gel was cut into sections of 60mm for further observation by SEM.

30ml more than PLLA of trichloromelamine as coupling agent was introduced.

-Thirty mililiter more PLLA of thrichloromelamine was introduced as a coupling agent.

-I used 30ml more PLLA…as a coupling agent.

이것은 tricine buffer를 사용해 희석하였다.

-It was diluted by using the tricine buffer.

The enzyme used in this experiment, the concentration is the ten nanogram active mm-2.


The prepared sample was incubated in water bath at thirty seven degree C for twelve hours.


degradation시 생성되는 물질에는 어떤 것이 있고 degradation 이 된 것과 안된 것에는 hydrophillicity 에 차이가 있기 때문에 분리가 가능하다.


The prepared

After the peptide is cleaved by MMPs, especially by MMP-2 and MMP-9 at tumor site, the drug has effect to kill cancer cells.

-> After the peptide is cleaved by MMPs, especially by MMP-2 and MMP-9 at tumor site, the drug is now activated and is able to kill cancer cells.

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