[Introduction] Writing a thesis(1)

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A. Examples sentences for introduction

논문에 있어서 도입부는 연구의 배경설명과 실험의 목적등이 실리는 부분다.

1.This study was designed to assess the efficacy of topical lidocaine by comparing it with eutectic mixture of local anesthetics(EMLA) for pain relief during minor otologic surgeries. (Topical Lidocaine과 EMLA 크림을 이용한 고막 국소마취 효과 비교를 비교하고자 했다. )

2.Degradation test의 목적은 dox-pep-mpeg conjugate 가 mmp에 의해 degradation 되는 것을 확인하기 위해서다.

->The  ive of the degradation test was to confirm the degrdation of D0x-pep-mpeg conjugate by mmp.

3.The fourth branchial pouch sinus is a developmental anomaly which most frequently manifests itself by recurrent episodes of neck abscess or acute suppurative thyroiditis.


4.The most common developmental anomalies of the branchial apparatus are second cleft remnant, which constitute almost 95% of all anomalies.

=>The most common … are second cleft remnants, which consititute…

5.The remaining 5% are comprised almost exclusively of first and third arch remnants. So the fourth arch remnants are exceedingly rare.

6.A high index of suspicion, combined with barium swallow pharyngogram and computed tomography scan, aids in diagnosis.

=>A high indication/degree of suspicion???, combined with results of …, aids in diagnosis.

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